Which Marquee is right for you?

Baytex Marquees come in a choice of FRAME or POLE types. The traditional look of the pole marquee makes them a hit at weddings.Frame marquees are free-standing and can be secured with guy ropes in wind or when unattended. They have no centre poles so all inside space is useable.


Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

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Lining Accessories

Simple, low cost accessories to create that “wow” effect.


Side Wall Liners


A range of Side Wall Liners are available in a choice of smooth or gathered styles in a variety of wall heights.   

Styles include:
Plain wall drape, with a panel width to provide an overlap at the edge.

Fitted wall drape with bottom wall pocket and Velcro edge closures. 

Center Pole Drapes

Pole Drapes are made in a range of standard lengths and diameters to dress tent center poles.  They are
designed to attach directly to each bail ring before the liner is raised making installation extremely simple.

Leg Drapes

Conceal the legs of your tent or canopy with a set of Leg Drapes trimmed with matching Leg Drape Ties. Ideal for installations with or without side walls, Leg Drapes wrap entirely around each leg, completely concealing all metal parts.  Leg Drapes are supplied in sets of 4 complete with matching Leg Drape Ties and are available in 7’, 8’, 9’ or 10’ leg heights, and in white, champagne or black colored fabric.  The many styles to choose from include:

Original” 80” wide, Silkline FR75: 120” hem width, pleated drapes with stainless steel hooks and
Standard” 48” wide, Rollout 150: 60” hem width, pleated drape with nylon hooks and self-tie.
Basic” 70” wide, Rollout 150: 70” hem width,
non-pleated, with Velcro tab hangers and self-tie.
Keder Leg” 40” wide, Silkline FR 75: 60” hem width, pleated drapes with Velcro center seam for brace bar, providing coverage of leg for kedered-sidewall tents.  Hemmed side edge and bungee self-tie.

Valance Swags

Detachable Valances are available as an option on all liners.  If this option is selected with your liner,
Valance Swags are available in a range of colors to suit client décor and are simply attached with Velcro to the eave of the liner.