Which Marquee is right for you?

Baytex Marquees come in a choice of FRAME or POLE types. The traditional look of the pole marquee makes them a hit at weddings.Frame marquees are free-standing and can be secured with guy ropes in wind or when unattended. They have no centre poles so all inside space is useable.


Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

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Do you want to make an impact at outdoor events, sports meetings, trade shows or fairs?

Then branding your marquee is the way to go!  Add your logo to the roof and/or walls of your marquee for maximum brand exposure. This is a must for all corporate and community groups wishing to highlight their name for everyone to see. Raise your profile, gain instant site recognition, and provide sponsorship opportunities! Branding your Baytex Marquee is a simple and effective way of getting your name noticed!


It is possible to brand your company name, logo, message and/or chosen image virtually anywhere on our marquees and an extensive range of marquee colour options are available, to align with your branding theme, and to really make your logo ‘pop!’

Baytex employs two different techniques to apply branding to a marquee:

1. Computer Cut Vinyl

This is computer-cut adhesive lettering and logos.  A simple logo or graphic can be cut out of vinyl. Each colour is a separate layer of vinyl.  This may be a quicker and more cost effective option, however colour choice may be limited.

2. Digital Print

This is the way to go for exact colour matching and is the most common form of signage production today. Digital printing allows the use of full colour graphics, including photographs. Any graphic that can be displayed on a computer screen can be digitally printed.  This process is finished with a clear coat spray to seal the artwork and make it weatherproof and durable.

Select from Ferrari or AP1000 for your choice of coloured PVC

View our PVC colour chart options: Ferrari | AP1000



Your brand exposure - maximised!

Sustainability - reuse for future promotions