Which Marquee is right for you?

Baytex Marquees come in a choice of FRAME or POLE types. The traditional look of the pole marquee makes them a hit at weddings.Frame marquees are free-standing and can be secured with guy ropes in wind or when unattended. They have no centre poles so all inside space is useable.


Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

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Electron Marquee

Think pole marquee, think Baytex Electron.  The Electron has the elegance of a traditional pole marquee with the superior performance of a fully engineered tensile membrane.  Dress it up with a romantic Baytex Silkline Lining for a wedding or use without a lining at a trade show or festival event.

These modern marquees are fully engineered and manufactured for optimum performance in challenging weather conditions.  They incorporate many features that dramatically improve their resistance to wind and their weatherproof qualities are well proven. They are available in a variety of standard width options of 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 20m and 30m.  They are fully modular and extendable to any length in modules of 3m, 6m or 10m, dependent on width.  Eave height is 2.1m as standard with optional 2.4m or 3m eave heights.


Key Features

• Very quiet and stable in windy conditions
• The 12m and 18m wide versions feature
       Baytex’s own unique ‘Easy Pole’                          telescopic alloy centre pole for quick erection      by only 3 or 4 installers
• 6m and 9m series feature a two piece alloy          centre pole
• 20m and 30m series are modular and                expandable in both width and length
• They are available in both telescopic and push      pole configurations
• Standard kit includes alloy side poles, base          fittings and optional base rails for greater            stability
• Supplied with ratchet strap guy tensioners for      installation ease and tensioning effectiveness
• Practical, durable, quick and easy to maintain

• Supplied with high performance pegs and            pegging plates
• A wide selection of elegant, functional high          quality sidewalls available
• CAD designed and computer cut for                    dimensional accuracy
• Choice of either translucent or blockout PVC        fabric in white or a choice of colours
• PVC Fabric has a high tech lacquer surface          coating for a smooth, glossy, dirt resistant          finish
• High frequency welded for optimum strength,      durability, look and quality
• Supplied in high quality side opening carry bags
• Available with engineering documentation for      building code compliance














Which Size is right for you?

Width (w)
Overall Length
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