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Alispan 10m x 10m Hip End

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Suitable for permanent & semi-permanent installs on either sealed or un-sealed surfaces. This lightweight modular structure comfortably spans from 10m-18m and is extendable in length by 5m bays. Also available in a 3m leg height. Hip End ony available in 10m & 12m widths. It is simple to erect with no loose bolts and can easily be attached to buildings or used as a freestanding unit.

Fabric: All Baytex Marquees have a high tech lacquer surface coating for a smooth, glossy, dirt resistant finish. Fire retardant fabric specially treated to prevent moisture wicking. Choice of Ferrari Translucent or Blockout PVC in white or a choice of colours. High frequency welded for optimum strength, fabricated in NZ.

Hardware: Anodised alloy rail components for light weight strength and durability. High quality electro galvanised steel connectors ensure a long lasting, clean appearance. Powder coated alloy castings to minimise fabric damage. Premium NZ sourced. No external hardware.

Simple Set Up: Quick and easy installation with no loose bolts, pins or fasteners required. 

Easy to Clean: The PVC surface can be readily cleaned with PH Neutral Baytex 'Sliktop'.

Manufacturing: CAD designed and computer cut for dimensional accuracy. Manufactured onsite at Baytex for the last 40 years.

Engineering Reports: Charges for initial and renewal certificates will apply.

All Electrons are supplied with PVC Roof, plain PVC Walling, poles, pegs, storm guys, roof bag, wall bag.

Specs and information
Roof Pitch 18 degrees
Main frame profile OD (MM) 187x69x3.5mm Alibeam Extrustion
Packed weight (kg) 1026
Packed volume (m3) 3.08
Longest length (m) 5.45
Leg height 2.6m
Apex height 4.265m
Max wind speed rating 100kph
Capacity Guide
Area (m2) 100
Standing 150 people
Buffet 130 people
Theatre Seating 150 people
Long Tables 100 people
Round tables 89 people
Included with your marquee
10m x 10m Hip Ends PVC 1
5m x 2.6m Plain Walls 8
Wall Bag 2
10m x 10m Hip End Hardware 2.6m Leg 1
Structure Pegs 32
Base Rails and Erecting Tool Kit included 1
Colour options All fire retardent, mildew resitant and waterproof
White AP1000
Colour AP1000 (no extra cost)
... or click swatch to select colour
Ferrari 502 Translucent White
Ferrari 602 Blockout White
Ferarri 502 colour and blockout 602 - from France, available on request
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