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Waitakere Gardens Skybridge

Client: Vision Waitakere Gardens Retirement Village, Auckland, NZ
Completion Date: February 2008
Project Description: Design, Manufacture & Installation
40m x 3.6m PVC tensile membrane roof canopy covering glazed ‘S’ shaped walkway bridge structure at Waitakere Gardens Retirement Village.

Project Brief: 
Our clients architect had designed an ‘S’ shaped walkway bridge to provide safe passage for the residents of the two high rise apartment complexes separated by a roadway. This fully glazed structure required a carefully designed permanent, maintenance free PVC roof to be installed 8m above ground level.

Project Comments:     
The complexity of the ‘S’ shaped structure provided many challenges with constantly changing angles along its length coupled with the structures gradient variations as it passed across from Wadier Place rising 5 metres to the opposite apartment complex.

Simplicity was the key to overcoming these complexities. The roof membrane was split into three separate panels and used a single point attachment system at each portal arch, and catenary cabling provided the only means of panel tensioning.

Weather proofing issues between the roof membrane and the glazed walling were overcome by integrating a breathable weather flap into the roof panel.

2008 – OFPANZ, Tension structures less than 250m2, category winner

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