Product Specification:

Baytex Marquees come in a choice of FRAME or POLE types. The traditional look of the pole marquee makes them a hit at weddings. Frame marquees are free-standing and can be secured with guy ropes in wind or when unattended. They have no centre poles so all inside space is useable.


Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

9M Series Clipframe MKII Marquee


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Frame Specifications  
Minimum Modular Size:  Width 9m, Length 9m
Bay Extension length:  3m
Eave Height:  2.1m or 2.4m
Apex Height:  4.35m or 4.65m
Roof Pitch:  26º
Max Wind Speed Rating:  80 kph
Seating Guide:  View Seating Guide


Dimesions (m) 9 x 9 9 x 12 9 x 15 9 x 18 9 x 21 9 x 24
Area (m2) 81 108 135 162 189 216
Bay Extension Length (m) 3 3 3 3 3 3
Number of Bay Extensions 0 1 2 3 4 5
Packed Weight (KG) 561 760 929 1098 1270 1452
Packed Volume (m3) 1.20 1.81 2.30 2.79 3.26 3.72
Longest Length 4.78 4.78 4.78 4.78 4.78 4.78


Side Rafter: 127mm x 50mm x 3mm Channel Tube Extrusion
Eave Rail: ø50mm x 3mm Aluminium Tube
Ridge Purlin: ø50mm x 3mm Aluminium Tube
Hip Rafter (2-Piece): ø50mm x 3.5mm Aluminium Tube
End Rafter: ø50mm x 3.5mm Aluminium Tube
Leg: ø50mm x 3mm Aluminium Tube


Material Specifications    
Aluminium Frame: Structural 6261 T6 Grade Extruded Aluminium
Connectors & Fittings: Fabricated Elecro-Galvanised Steel
Standard PVC Fabric: Ferrari 502, Waterproof, Fire Retardant and Mildew Resistant

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