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Sailing Team Bases

Sailing Team Bases

Container mounted structures designed as a permanent facility but fully transportable around the world

Single or double container mounted these Baytex structures are designed for quick and easy set up and take down and stored in their own transport containers for shipment between each of the race venues. 

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2011 Volvo Ocean Race

Emirates Team New Zealand:
Using our Alimax container structure we created two transportable 18mx18m bases for Emirates Team NZ. Each base travelled ahead of the other to be set up in the next port for next racing stop over port. The bases housed a sail-loft, a rigging container, an office, a cafeteria and a hardware repair and painting booth.

A Camper branded Baytex 5mx10m Fete was purchased to use for a sales/hospitality area in conjunction with the base.





2012 AC45 World Racing Series

AC45 Team Bases:
The Alimaxs were a mixture of 12m and 18m wide structures in lengths ranging up to 25m all designed to be container mounted with the containers acting as ballast, storage and service spaces for each of the teams. The structures were designed for quick and easy set-up and dismantling for storage in their own transport containers for shipment between each of the race venues.
The challenges of housing ultra high tech 45’ catamarans and sets of their ultra sophisticated wing sales was easily accomplished by the innovative use of a container mounted structure system. The installations proved to be ideal for the purpose with the containers acting as both ballast and the provision of storage, workshop and office accommodation. 

2013 Americas Cup - San Francisco

Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa:
These impressive 22m wide by 75m long container structures were created to house the 72ft catamarans and their 41m wing sail. The structures are double container mounted, attached to ground foundations, with the containers acting as a partial ballast, storage and transportation to port venues around the world. Due to layout constraints on most port sites these 22x75m structures were split into two separate bases of 45m for the boat platform and 30m for the wing.



2017 Americas Cup - Bermuda

Softbank Team Japan:
We produced a 34mx30m Arched Truss tensioned membrane building 7m high for Softbank Team Japan with two separate working areas. The fabric building was engineered, designed & manufactured in 3 months with components manufactured in NZ and other parts of the world to be assembled in Bermuda over the period of a month. The building is designed as a permanent facility but is fully transportable and can be packed into 4 shipping containers and reinstalled at the next location.
Team Japan also required a 12mx15m Alispan office/hospitality facility to compliment the main base and provide a fantastic hospitality experience for their guests.

Emirates Team New Zealand:
Emirates Team NZ AC72 purchased from Baytex for the San Francisco AC campaign was refurbished with new PVC, rebranded and the hospitality entrance was developed. The team also refurbished their AC45 base extending it from its original format of 18mx25m to 18mx40m creating a team office and caferia complex.

Swedish Racing Team Artemis AC45 18mx25m container base was refurbished and extended to 18mx40m with facilities to winch the F50 boat platform or wing into the roof space.

Oracle Racing:
Oracle Racing required a purpose built 12mx40m team amenities/hospitality container base. We complimented this with a custom designed outdoor deck and portable shade sail system.

2021 Americas Cup - NZ

American Magic:
An AC72 18mx45m single container is to house, maintain and work on their training boat ‘The mule’ in Portland, and prove the design before embarking on final preparation of their AC75 race boat for the 2020 Americas Cup in Auckland, and provide a 9mx15m workshop area on the side of the Structure. Using our curved Tension Purlins we designed a new system so the mono-hull mule could be lifted into the additional roof space and the canting dagger boards could be articulated.
World Series: American Magic are redeveloping an 18mx30m portion of the Mule base to a double container base for use in the 1st World Series in Cagliari, Sardinia.

A single container base has been purchased 27.5mx18m for the World Series in Portsmouth, England as a training/development base for their boat.
Baytex has just produced an Alimax 22mx45m double container base to house their first campaign boat at the World Racing Series in Calgari Sardinia.

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