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Lampost Productions

Client: Lampost Productions  -  The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe
Completion Date: December 2005
Project Description: Design & Manufacture 
Tent village for film set

Project Brief:   
Design and manufacture a tent village comprising a set of 83 authentic looking tents for the movie set.  Each tent had to be unique, of a high quality and able to maintain this appearance throughout the duration of the shoot.

Project Comments:     
The set of tents were to be a key element of the movie set. As such each had to be authentic in every practical detail and true to the concept in the original story.  The 'look' of the tents and their individual uniqueness was of critical importance.

The designs were developed in close collaboration with the Set Designers from pictures and descriptions in encyclopaedias and other sources that depicted tents from the medieval period.

To achieve the required look of authenticity, elegance and luxury the Set Designers specified that the tents be made of silk and all other materials had to be period authentic including the use of hemp rope. The silk had to be reinforced with a medium weight canves backing before it could function structurally as a tent.

With all designs signed off and production underway the individual silk panels for each tent were computer cut in our factory before being sent off for screen printing with 'gold' ink.  These panels were then fabricated, fully assembled and checked in our factory before being packed for shipment to the movie site.  Initial installation was carried out under the supervision of our Design Manager and subsequently by the movie crew.

2006 – OFPANZ, General category winner

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