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Canopy Camping 'Glamping' Tent

Client: Canopy Camping
Completion Date: November 2012
Project Description: Design and manufacture of canvas tent for glamping


Since first contacting Baytex, about 1 year ago to the day, with their 'Glamping' concept, the Canopy Camping Team have been hard at work ensuring the success of their business.  

After a very positive first year, with favourable response to their product, having signed-up a number of new properties to the Canopy Camping Model and their recent exposé on Country Calendar, things are looking to be on the up-and-up for Canopy Camping!

With the help of Baytex, Canopy Camping have designed, manufactured and refined two models of Glamping Tent for their market, the Canopy Deluxe and the Canopy Lite.

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Project Case Study

A few months back, Baytex was approached by long time friends and budding entrepreneurs Liz Henderson and Sonia Minnaar about the idea of glamping (shorthand for glamorous camping) and their Canopy Camping concept, and in particular, about the possibility of working together in designing and manufacturing their first ever glamping tent.

Forever ready for challenges of this nature, the Baytex Design Team, lead by Andrew Lingman and Todd Muspratt on this project, jumped into action and work was soon underway on the conceptual design on what would be soon ‘dubbed’ the Glamping Tent.  After thorough deliberation from both parties during this conceptual phase, design and materials for the prototype tent were settled upon that were both sound, from a manufacturing/engineering point of view, and aesthetically pleasing & fit for purpose from the client’s perspective.

The resulting Canopy Camping ‘Glamping Tent’, designed by Baytex exclusively for Canopy Camping, is a 6m x 4m Off-white poly/cotton (65/35) canvas tent and fly sitting over a timber frame.  It’s a bag-over sytle tent that features all-in-one roof and walls with an attached internal divider for bedroom space.  Some of the key design features are the minimised guying at front outdoor living space, the solar view mesh windows with internal zipped canvas, protective canvas rub straps where fabric sits on framing and PVC patches at load points and cutouts.  The Glamping Tent also features an internal fireplace that is accommodated by silica fabric roof patches for flue penetration as well as the fire retardant polycotton canvas, an Australian made fabric produced especially for glamping and believed to be the only polycotton fabric on the market with a FR Rating.

The size, layout and look of the tent were very much driven by the client’s vision, with the finish, trim, closure and fastenings developed for practicality and manufacture.  This has been another successful Baytex Special Project and we wish Liz and Sonia all the best with their new venture.  Hopefully this is the start of a solid relationship between Baytex and Canopy Camping.

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