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Weber Bros. Circus

Client: Weber Bros. Circus
Children’s Storybook Tour, NZ
Completion Date: February 2006
Project Description: Design & Manufacture 
24mØ Circus Tent

Project Brief:   
Design and manufacture a small but circus tent.  The client wanted a tent that was a departure from the normal striped or plain look to one that had a more contemporary, fun appearance.

Project Comments:      
Superimposing graphics onto a 3D surface had been an aspiration for some time and this was an opportunity to trial this cutting edge technology.  In order to achieve the required result the tent was fully computer modelled in 3D.  The graphics as 3D elements were then created and superimposed onto the surface of the tent before being manipulated to achieve the desired result.

The finished model was then converted into individual flattened panels complete with the relevant graphic component.  The graphic components were separated out on the computer so they could be cut from the appropriately coloured fabrics as per the design. 

The graphic components were then block welded onto pre-marked positions on each individual panel of the tent roof.  Each panel was then welded together to make up the main roof sections of the tent taking care to ensure that the graphic elements all lined up correctly.

The block welding was a challenge in itself involving over 140 square metres of fabric to be welded onto approx 70 individual panels prior to final assembly.  Block welding was chosen over gluing for its guaranteed permanence over a number of years of constant folding and unfolding.

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