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Glamping Tents

Glamping is a term that has arisen to define the concept of ‘glamorous camping'.

At Baytex we like to think of our Glamping Tents as luxury tents, glam tents or camping tents with style. 

Baytex are specialist Tent Manufacturers & Suppliers with five unique quality Glamping Tents to maximise your outdoor glamping experience. These range from The Canopy Pup, the smallest of the Baytex Glamping Tent range (designed for kids), right through to the largest Glamping Tents, the Canopy Deluxe and the Canopy Pole.

Through working closely with Canopy Camping Escapes and listening to the needs of their clients, as well as drawing from our vast experience in the tent industry, Baytex has been able to design, develop, refine and manufacture our exciting luxury tent Glamping collection.

Check out the videos of the Deluxe, Lite and Pole Glamping Tents