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America's Cup AC45 Bases

Client: Emirates Team NZ, Camper, Artemis, Oracle
Completion Date: August 2013
Project Description: Design, Manufacture & Installation of structures to serve as headquarters and Team bases

Project Brief:

Baytex was contracted by ACRM, the management arm of the Americas Cup, to design and manufacture a set of Alispan Structures to serve as headquarters and Team bases for the 2011 AC45 Team racing circuit. The structures were a mixture of 12m x 15m, 12m x 20m and 12m x 25m all designed to be container mounted with the containers acting as ballast, storage and service spaces for each of the teams. The structures were designed to be quickly and easily set up and taken down for storage in their own transport containers for shipment between each of the race venues.

A considerable amount of careful design work was required to resolve the many issues around the container attachments, while at the same time satisfying the varied operational requirements of the teams themselves. The structures had to be engineered to meet the many and varied building code requirements of the race venues around the world where they will be erected.

Project Comments:  

Both ACRM Management and the individual teams are extremely happy with the visual look and operational effectiveness of their new structures.  Up for the first time for the first round of racing now underway in Cascais, Portugal the set-up programme went without a hitch under the watchful eye of Baytex’s Julian Tankard, there to supervise and train the shore crews on the correct installation procedure.

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