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Tauranga Strand

Client: Tauranga Strand, NZ
Completion Date: December 2003
Project Description: Design, Manufacture & Installation
5.5m x 6.5m Shade canopies

Project Brief: 
Design and install a series of 11 shade canopies as part of the redevelopment of the downtown Tauranga area known as The Strand. The design of the canopies was to compliment the architect’s plan for the area, a functional, user-friendly environment.

Project Comments: 
Each canopy support structure is fabricated from steel with custom designed stainless connections and cables. This was more than a design feat.  It demanded careful project management skills to achieve installation within a two-week time frame.

The completed canopies provide shelter from the sun and rain with minimal obstruction to views out over the inner harbour and maximise the unobstructed outdoor area available for dining. By night the canopies are bathed in coloured light to enhance the atmosphere of the outdoor area.

2004 – OFPANZ, Tension Structures over 100m2, First equal

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