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MOD Series Linings

Purpose designed as a fully modular and simple to install lining solution, the MOD Series is expandable to any length in any direction using a standard kit of basic hardware components.The Baytex MOD Series comprises a standard set of rectangular lining panels and gable infills that can be combined in various combinations to install in virtually any rectangular space.

Baytex MOD Series Linings are precisely engineered and meticulously manufactured to fit and hang perfectly even after years of use. For speed and ease of installation, efficiency, and durability the Baytex MOD Series Linings can’t be beaten.

Match your roof linings with optional Wall Linings, Leg Drapes or Valance Swags and elegantly dress up any venue for that special function.


Key Features

Fabric: Baytex Liners are manufactured from 100% polyester fire retardant fibre for maximum durability and easy care.

Configurations: Lining sections available as Gable Infills or Mid Sections. Available in either flat or gathered styles. Supplied with all pulleys, halyards, alloy hoop rail and mounting hardware.

Specifications: All linings are supplied in colour coded bags. Valances are included as standard.

Simple Set Up: Hoop Rails are attached with shackles and web straps. Load points are locked together with sister clips. Panel joins between each bay width are closed with continuous velcro tape. Installation is accomplished from ground level.

Manufacturing: CAD designed and computer cut for dimensional accuracy. Manufactured onsite at Baytex as for the last 40 years.


MOD single, twin and triple Liner layouts shown below:




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