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Creating weathertight storage opportunities

Our Alispans and Alimax structures allow you to have additional service and storage space with our semi-permanent marquees.
These spaces can also use containers single or double mounted as the main structure.

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We have solutions to expand your warehousing space with a temporary, semi-permanent marquee. These robust, engineered structures come in widths of 10m, 12m, 15m and 18m with unlimited lengths in 5m bays. They are simple to erect with no loose bolts and can easily be attached to buildings or used as a freestanding unit. Options for hard doors and walling. Talk to us about a custom size.

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Freestanding Storage Facility

Exisiting 40ft containers are used for the Alimax Structure for Warehousing. This creates a fantastic use of space utilising lockable containers and giving a large covered working area. These can easily be walled in PVC or hard walled.

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Transportable Bases

These impressive 22m wide by 75m long structures sit 6.2m off ground. The structures are double container mounted, attached to ground foundations, with the containers acting as partial ballast, storage and service spaces designed to be easily erected and dismantled for inherent storage and transportation to venues around the world.



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Warehouse Structure

This 30m wide x 20m Temporary Structure is the largest of its kind in NZ. It has been erected to provide our customer with a much needed extension to an existing building primarily used for loading and unloading of containers.
Photos still to come of the completed structure with sealing of the structure to the building to waterproof, along with hard side guttering.

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AliShelter Industrial Warehouse

This is one of Baytex's newest product offerings - the AliShelter industrial warehouse. This solution is cost effective, easy to install and fit for purpose.Ranging in size from 6m to 10m between containers in the current photographed configuration or right out to 17.5m in our yacht workshops based on double stacked container systems.

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