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Weber Bros. Circus 2

Client: Weber Bros. Circus
Completion Date: February 2012
Project Description: Design & Manufacture 
40mØ Circus Tent

This brand new 40mØ Circus Big Top was built for the client’s Circus Tour around Australia during 2012.  Designed to complement their existing 24mØ foyer tent, the new Big Top needed to make a statement, to stand out from the crowd and to create the sense of excitement that the circus is so well known for.

Featuring extra high peaks and enhanced by striking graphics the new tent has proven a magnet for circus goers wherever it is erected. The new tent makes a clear statement that this circus is high quality and thrilling to watch.

Made from Ferrari Big Top fabric the tent features striking graphic elements cut from Ferrari 502 PVC and block welded to the surface of the tent membrane.  This technique, while labourious, ensures the integrity of the graphics over the lifetime of the tent.

Designed entirely in 3D the tent is as much a design exercise as it is a fabrication challenge.  The quality of the finished product is a credit to all the production staff involved.

In the client’s own words after the first set-up:

“The tent was set up without any problems at all.  Everything was in the right place, the cut is almost perfect and as you can see for yourself it's a great looking top and everyone that has seen it is most impressed.

I have been watching the tent very carefully in the week that it has been set up until today, the winds have reached as high as approx 25 to 30 knots and at those wind speeds the tent sits as if it was made of Perspex with hardly any movement at all.

Still early days yet and I don't like to make comments too soon but I think this is the best tent you have ever made.

My congratulations to you and all of your staff for a truly fantastic piece of art, a very big thank you to you all.”

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