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Loritz Circus Tent

Client: Loritz Circus
Completion Date: November 2013
Project Description: Design & Manufacture of Circus (Performance) Tent

What was the purpose of this job?

The Loritz Circus Tent, a brand new 32mØ Circus Tent was built to accommodate the Circus, which has been touring around Australia for the last year.

 What was unique or complex about the project?

  • The striking graphics on the tent and the technique used.  The graphic elements were mapped onto the membrane surface in 3D modelling process before being flattened into 2D patterns.  These graphic pieces were then block welded to the surface of the membrane with accuracy in the fabrication process being critical.
  • The design process – The tent was designed in 3D to ensure the quality, accuracy and look of the final product
  • The overall height of the tent.  This is a very tall tent!  The client wanted to create a ‘grand’ tent that would be highly visible to the public.

This brand new 32mØ Circus Tent was built to accommodate our client’s new Circus, which has been touring around Australia since late 2013.  Having worked with this Circus Promoter on other Circus Tent projects we knew that the new ‘Big-Top’ needed to make a statement, to stand out from the crowd and to create the sense of excitement that the circus is so well known for. 

Featuring extra high peaks and enhanced by striking graphics the new tent has proven a magnet for circus goers wherever it is erected. These extra high peaks really make for a large interior space that nicely accommodates the high-wire and trapeze acts of the circus and gives the tent ‘that’ feeling of grandeur.  The new tent makes a clear statement that this circus is high quality and thrilling to watch.

Made from Ferrari 702 Big Top fabric, the tent features striking graphic elements cut from coloured PVC and welded into the surface of the tent membrane.  This technique, while labourious, ensures the integrity of the graphics over the lifetime of the tent.

Designed entirely in 3D the tent is as much a design exercise as it is a fabrication challenge.  The quality of the finished product is a credit to all the production staff involved.

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