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Netball North Harbour

Client: Netball North Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand
Completion Date: July 2011
Project Description: Design, Manufacture & Installation
of a PVC tensile membrane covered building.

Project Brief: 

This project was carried out on a design - build basis for the client.  As one of the largest Netball clubs in Auckland, Netball North Harbour had a need for a purpose built all weather court facility to promote the development of its senior players. The initial proposal was for a smaller facility but as more funding became available the structure grew in size and sophistication.  Initially intended to cover existing artificial turf courts the project was expanded to cover a wooden sports floor and along with this came some significant design challenges.  Main concerns were condensation and humidity both of which would be disastrous for a high quality wooden floor.  Designing and installing an interior mesh lining, creating an effective air barrier between inner and outer surfaces of the structure addressed these challenges.  To make this work ventilation was the key and a low cost passive ventilation system was developed around a series of large roof vents to allow a free flow of air through the structure.  The ventilation system has been particularly successful in maintaining temperature and humidity levels within the desired range.  The unique design has also ensured that the pavilion remains weather tight even in severe weather conditions.

A bonus feature was achieved with the interior lining by choosing a special acoustic mesh fabric for the lining membrane.  This mesh has been especially developed by Ferrari and was offered in response to concerns about the high noise levels inside enclosed netball courts.  The effectiveness of this mesh has been dramatic in achieving approximately a five times reduction in dB levels inside the playing space.

All round this project has been a huge success and the client has acclaimed it as the best playing facility in Auckland.

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