Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

Old Broadwater Farm Weddings Case Study


“Old Broadwater Farm was know for the romance and vintage vibe that its rope and pole style wedding marquee had provided over many years, however the time had come to retire the old and bring in a new and improved replacement. We needed a more permanent structure, a lager space, multiple configurations, higher structural certification and easy to use dividers and walling. Additionally, we wanted a permanent sound system which required custom mounting and the whole marquee to be sound proof, reverse cycle air-conditioning which meant thermal efficiency was also a consideration, and as if that wasn’t enough, the inside and outside needed to look exactly the same as our rope and pole which meant an octagonal front with high peaks and a custom wedding liner… We designed our brief and went to any and every marquee manufacturer we could find worldwide to obtain quotes. It quickly became apparent that our requirements for the marquee placed it squarely in the ‘too hard basket’ for all but one manufacturer, Baytex.”
Zebedee Packard Hair – Director of Old Broadwater Farm Weddings
Old Broadwater Farm Weddings’ stunning new tent is a ‘custom’ 15m x 27.5m ‘Twin Peak’ Alispan Pavilion featuring Gable & Octagonal Ends, an Acoustic Lining above a ‘gathered’ Wedding Lining and double-skinned clear walls, as a brief description. In more detail, this product is a Baytex 15m Alispan 18° clear-span marquee, heavily customised to suit client requirements. It has a 2.6m eave height and a reduced bay width to 4m to allow the building to be erected permanently whilst complying with the local Building Authority regulations. The marquee has a rated wind speed of 134kph, probably much higher if it was to be put to the test. One end is a standard gable with the opposing end half an octagon in shape and blended into a high-peaked roof, being one of two along the 27.5m length. The roof and walling are all made from Ferrari 702 opaque.
There is a fair bit of technology involved internally with a 50mm acoustic Autex open weave foam wrapped in our Silkline 300d through the entire roof space, gables and walling in the rear of the tent. The acoustic panels slide into the bottom track of the portal frame rafters and the walling is supported off the eave extrusions. We have also introduced a double-skin clear sidewall to help retain noise within the structure because the marquee is in a built up residential area. Under the acoustic liner we have created a bit of a first in liners with a factory manufactured completely radial pleated octagonal end & hip end liner all supported on a single halyard point, this type of liner is normally only hand done on site. To top it all off we have a suspended sound ceiling over two dance floors in the main seating space, these weigh around 335 kg for each 3m wide x 4m sound ceiling panel set. The pictures of the finished product speak for themselves.
“The whole process was an absolute pleasure from start to finish and even after the install, the level of support and service has been ongoing. We are extremely glad to have found Baytex and even more happy with the finished product! We would not hesitate to recommend Baytex and their team to anyone looking to build a marquee.”