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Fete Marquee


The all-new Fete is the market leader of the lightweight compact marquee and offers a versatile user friendly frame marquee at an attractive price.

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5m x 5m specs and information

Number of peaks 1
Main frame profile OD (mm) 65
Number of legs 4
Walls 4 x 5m
Number of pegs 8
Packed weight (kg) palletised 270
Packed volume (m3) palletised 1.7
Longest length (m) 2.7
Leg height 2.4m
Apex height 4.6m
Max wind speed rating 100km/h

Capacity Guide

Area (m2) 1
Standing 65
Buffet 4
Theatre seating 4 x 5m
Long tables 8
Round Tables 270

Included with your marquee

5m centre pole 1
5m eaves (2 piece) 4
Corner connectors 4
Brace cables for the roof 2
Legs at 2.4m 4
Base rails at 5m (2 piece) 4
Push pol 1
Marquee pegs 12
Guys 4

Bags for roof, walls, pegs, frame and componentry bin supplied

Pug Puller

Colour options

Walls - 4 required

Branding (if required)

Please note:
We are a manufacturing company, NOT a hire company

Product Summary

Product Summary

Size: 5m x 5m Fete Marquee
Extra: Peg Puller
Extra: Mallet
Colour: AP100 - Red
Walls: Clear
Branding: Not required

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