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Softbank Team Japan Bermuda

Client: Softbank Team Japan, Bermuda
Completion Date: November 2016
Project Description: Design, Manufacture & Install
a 34mx30m Arched Truss Building 7m high

Project Brief: To produce a 34mx30m Arched Truss building 7m high with 2 separate working areas. The fabric building had to be fully transportable and be packed into 4 shipping containers and reinstalled at the next location, very helpful for a sailing team with a world-wide itinerary!  The tent had the ability to hoist the catamaran or wing sail high into the 7m roof space with the 4-tonne chain hoist, as supported by the tent’s framework.

Project Comments:  The purpose of this job was to provide 2 separate workshop spaces, to house a high-performance catamaran and its aerofoil wing-sail, which was both re-locatable and able to stand up to the rigid building regulations of the island nation where the tent would primarily reside. Each space has custom built container workshop for work on the different parts of the catamaran. Key words from the Design Brief were ‘Clean’ and ‘Contemporary’.  

A lot of the framework on this tent is on its exterior, which helps with the ‘clean & contemporary’ aspect of the design brief but also helps provide maximum space internally. The bi-fold steel doors are also an impressive sight and really demonstrate both the aesthetic and functional nature of the tent, with these doors actually providing extra support in cyclone conditions by having the ability to lock-in to storm struts if required. 

Feedback on this 34m x 30m arched-truss ‘Boat Shed’ project has been extremely positive with everyone seemingly delighted about the final product.  

Baytex continues to work closely with a number of professional sailing syndicates around the world.  We were very happy to hear that our reputation as a quality supplier to this industry had found us on the Preferred Supplier List for a new team looking to make their mark!

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