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Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

Keder Feeder

Keder Feeder

Baytex have now made it even easier to install our Clipframe Marquee and Alispan Pavilion with the introduction of the newly developed Baytex 'Keder Feeder'!  Using the Keder Feeder means an increased ease and speed of installation and a notable decrease in the wear and tear on the marquee keder.


Keeder Feeder Spec Sheets

Clipframe Keder Feeder

Alispan Keder Feeder

Clipframe Keder Feeder Tool Set Alispan Keder Feeder Application Guide
Clipfrmae Keder Feeder Application Guide Alispan Keder Feeder Rafter Modification