Product Specification:

The Baytex MOD Series is the perfect answer to the need for an interior roof lining that is easily and quickly installed into any large Clearspan Structure or Auditorium.


Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015
Baytex Wins 2 Awards of Excellence at OFPANZ 2015 read more

MOD Lining Specification

The Fabric

  • Silkline Plus FR75 (2oz) and Silkline Plus FR300 (6oz) are Baytex’s unique 100% Polyester fabrics with soft, wrinkle resistant finish
  • Silkline fabrics are non-flammable and woven from inherently flame retardant yarns
  • Silkline fabrics have been tested and exceed the requirements of the American NFPA 701 small scale test, and the California Fire Marshall Title 19 standard for Flame Retardancy
  • When tested against the Australian/NZ Standard 1530: Pts 2 & 3 for Flammability and Smoke Evolved, the results easily comply with the Spread of Flame requirements in all relevant Australian and New Zealand Building Codes
  • Silkline fabrics meet with the requirements of the British Standards
  • Silkline fabrics are available in White, Black and Champagne (Ivory) as standard
  • Silkline fabrics are easy care, machine washable and extremely durable Colours shown are an indication only, please ask for a lining swatch before ordering.

The System

  • The key to the MOD Series is the system of interchangeable, extendable panels. To construct a bay each panel has at least one kedered edge and is joined to an adjacent panel by a lightweight alloy ‘Hoop Rail’ extrusion with mating keder grooves.
  • The basic MOD lining panel in any given bay extends from the eave purlin up to the ‘Hoop Rail’ extrusion and is described as an ‘Eave to Keder’ (E-K) section. A pair of E-K sections makes up a basic MOD lining bay width with the ‘Hoop Rail’ extrusion lying along the centre line of the bay.
  • There are two options for attaching the E-K panel to the eave purlin.
    1. Along the eave line of each E-K MOD lining panel is a ‘track hook’ and bungy cord system for attachment to the eave purlin on most structures.
    2. A system of tent hooks is also incorporated for attachment to a preinstalled eave cable on those structures where the ‘track hook’ system is ineffective

A Size to suit All

  • The MOD Series Lining system can be used to suit a variety of structure size as follows:
    - A pair of 5m x 5m E-K panels completes a bay of a 10m structure
    - A pair of 7.5m x 5m E-K panels completes a bay of a 15m structure
    - A pair of 10m x 5m E-K panels completes a bay of a 20m structure 
    All of these using a single rail configuration.
  • For wider widths add one or more extra ‘Hoop Rails’ to support Keder to Keder (K-K) panels.
    - A pair of 10m x 5m E-K panels and a 5m x 5m K-K panel completes a bay of a 25m structure
    This uses a 2 rail configuration.
  • The ‘Hoop Rail’ extrusion is connected continuously and suspended from the roof beams or rafters at bay centres by a simple rope and pulley halyard system. This is used to raise the MOD Lining System to design height after assembly at ground level.

The Installation

  • Halyard assemblies may be preinstalled at ground level prior to erection of the structure or afterwards with the aid of simple access equipment.  
  • The alloy ‘Hoop Rail’ and connectors are fitted together along the length of the structure, then connected to the halyard system and raised to about shoulder height.
  • The lining panels can then be installed in any order or sequence by sliding the keder edges into the ‘Hoop Rail’ and hooking the ‘eave’ edges to the eave purlin of the structure using Baytex’s proprietary ‘Track Hook’ attachment system.
  • Panels in adjacent bays are joined with continuous pre-shrunk ‘touch tape’ closures.
  • Once all panels are assembled and the Gable Infill panels are attached at each end the entire assembly is raised to design height.